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Commercial Real Estate Case Studies

Big ideas for projects of all sizes.

We won’t just tell you that we can execute – we’ll prove it! The commercial development process is never cut and dry, there are many challenges along the way. Our team has overcome these challenges and made it possible to complete several projects in Sacramento and throughout California in a timely manner. Read our commercial real estate case studies below.

Chili's restaurant in Sacramento bathed in the warm glow of its lights during evening hours. This prominent location reflects the proficiency of Capital Rivers Commercial in the commercial real estate sector, highlighting their adeptness at pairing renowned brands with ideal locations

Chili’s / Buffalo Wild Wings

The objective was to acquire the long family-owned FG Arden shopping center in Sacramento and re-develop it, despite past unsuccessful attempts by other developers. This involved terminating existing leases, securing new national tenant agreements, overhauling existing CC&R’s, processing entitlements, and collaborating with SMUD to relocate improperly installed utility lines.

Front view of a Dunkin Donuts branch in Sacramento, captured during daytime, emblematic of the brand's vibrant identity. This branch represents another successful case study in commercial real estate, showcasing the effective strategies and insights offered by Capital Rivers Commercial in guiding top-tier franchise placements

Dunkin' Donuts

Capital Rivers Commercial's expertise transformed a historic Yuba City structure into the new home for Dunkin' Donuts and T-Mobile. Navigating structural challenges, such as an embedded bank vault and a space-restricting mezzanine, the project stands as a testament to innovative commercial real estate solutions. The success also highlighted the team's capability to optimize and innovate within limited space constraints.

Street-side view of a thriving Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in Sacramento, embodying the successful collaboration between the franchise and the strategic guidance in commercial real estate by Capital Rivers Commercial

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Capital Rivers faced a unique challenge in acquiring a historically significant property. The secret to unlocking this opportunity was leveraging local relationships and deep market insights. By collaborating with seasoned brokers, we opened the door to negotiations with the longstanding owners, leading to a successful acquisition and subsequent development

Facade of the CVS/Pharmacy building in Sacramento, highlighting the partnership with Capital Rivers Commercial in the commercial real estate sector


Capital Rivers took on the ambitious task of transforming a strategically located, yet dilapidated property into the new home for an in-line CVS/Pharmacy. A relocation CVS had pursued for over a decade, previous attempts, even ones involving Mr. Aguirre in the early 2000s, had failed. This venture was laden with challenges ranging from existing tenant relocations to navigating extensive bureaucratic red tape.

View of the Sourdough & Co storefront in Sacramento, highlighting Capital Rivers Commercial's role in the commercial real estate landscape and their partnership with the iconic Sourdough & Co brand.

Sourdough & Co.

Sourdough & Co., a rising star in California's premium sandwich industry, is surging ahead with an expanding franchise network. Amidst this rapid growth, the brand recognized the pressing need to streamline its real estate endeavors. Enter Capital Rivers Commercial (CRC), their trusted advisory partner, to steer them through this pivotal expansion phase.

Facade of a Dollar Tree location in Sacramento, representing another successful commercial real estate venture in partnership with Capital Rivers Commercial.

Dollar Tree, Inc.

Capital Rivers thrives on pinpointing seemingly elusive 'needle in a haystack' development projects. With a mission to carve out new spaces in Northern and Central California for the renowned Dollar Tree, Inc., the task was monumental. It wasn’t just about finding a space, but ensuring it aligned with both Dollar Tree's operational needs and Capital Rivers’ financial goals.

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