Dunkin’ Donuts


The Challenge.

The Dunkin’ Donuts / T-Mobile fee-development project, located in Yuba City 45 minutes north of Sacramento,  presented several unique challenges from a development perspective. The former bank, later converted into an independent pharmacy, had a large reinforced concrete vault that was a structural component of the building and needed to be incorporated into the new business. A second-floor mezzanine level used to access the mechanical equipment and switchgear needed removal while maintaining access to the critical equipment. And to further complicate the project the lot was small.

The Solution.

Creative solutions needed to be found. Regarding the bank vault, we found a way to convert the walk-in reinforced bank vault into the walk-in cooler by saw-cutting the door, a feat in itself. To overcome the removal of the second floor mezzanine issue, we decided to abandon the old switch gear on the second level in lieu of new exterior switchgear that was closer to the main transformer as it was determined the building power and main transformer needed upgrading. With the lot size constraint we got creative with the parking lot and drive-thru configuration by moving the drive thru window to another wall. Throughout the project other challenges arouse regarding the condition of the parking lot and it being out of ADA compliance. We discovered the parking lot was a Caltrans right-of-way allowing us to make a citizen request to repair the sidewalk therefore removing it as a project condition thereby reducing project costs. Finally, T-Mobile, a co-tenant with a fully executed non-contingent lease elected to not move forward resulting in a breached agreement. Unfortunately it became necessary to file a lawsuit resulting in a favorable settlement and they are now open for business adjacent to the Dunkin’.


The Result.

The project was successfully completed and is now a beacon on the corner of Colusa Hwy and Rocca Way across from the Yuba City mall. Dunkin’ and T-Mobile are open for business and Dunkin’s sales continue to increase year after year. The project was subsequently sold by Capital Rivers Commercial as a net lease investment at a record price.

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