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We developed the franchise Brand Ambassador Program when the franchisors we already worked with asked us to help make their real estate process more streamlined and efficient. They realized real estate was a critical component to their success, but it was not their area of expertise and was a distraction from their core business. In essence, they were asking us to develop a “system”, just as they developed the system that led them to becoming a successful, franchisable brand. Capital Rivers has franchise brand connections throughout Sacramento and California. Just let us know how we can help you brand!

As a growing franchise brand, real estate is often a critical component to growth, but also a distraction from the core business. Over the years we have seen many franchisors and franchisees struggle with their real estate process.

The Brand Ambassador Program was created to help seasoned and emerging brands solve that challenge and position them for long-term, sustainable growth.


  • Rapid growth, but lack of process and staff to service real estate needs. 
  • Competition among franchisees for the same sites, with various brokers, creating confusion and frustration in the marketplace. 
  • Real estate brokers, franchises, and franchisors not communicating thereby creating inefficiencies and leading to errors.

The franchise Brand Ambassador Program is unique – we perform as the real estate department for the franchisor. We take the time to understand and analyze the unique qualities that make your brand successful, and through our system we are able to ensure your real estate process is consistent, efficient, cost-effective and – most importantly – protects the franchisor, franchisee and the brand. 


  • Franchisor maintains control of the real estate process. 
  • Ensures brand consistency by ensuring franchisees are pursuing sites meeting brand criteria. 
  • Communication flows in real-time between all parties involved – franchisor, franchisee, brokers, vendors. 
  • The brand is represented in a professional manner in the market. 
  • The brand’s strategic plan is executed efficiently and effectively.

SITE CRITERIA – We work with you to identify, in great detail, the type of real estate that makes for a successful location for your brand.

FOCUS – Franchisees focus on sites that represent the brand and generate sales. No “shot gun” approach.

CLARITY – A clean approach is taken, with consistency regarding who is representing your brand and your franchisees in the market.

QUALITY CONTROL – Your brand will be represented like it deserves to be represented, and as the franchisor you will maintain control.

SYSTEMATIC – Just as franchisees invest in your brand because it’s a proven system they believe in, we ensure that includes the real estate process.

SEASONED ADVISORS – Our program provides the franchisor with another set of eyes and ears. We can bring to your attention success stories as well as potential pitfalls.

OVERSIGHT – We will identify, interview, and train brokers in markets that we do not directly serve, to ensure they fully understand the brand and represent it properly. We will oversee the entire process, from site selection to negotiation to approval, to ensure consistency and that real estate standards are satisfied.

  • Detailed understanding of the “franchise brand” including its origin, purpose, and culture. 
  • Detailed growth development “Roll-Out Plan” for the current year and subsequent years. 
  • Identification of more detailed Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 sub-markets. 
  • Detailed analysis of critical real estate criteria specific to your brand, including: demographic analysis, traffic study, co-tenancy study, traffic generators, etc. 
  • Development of custom “Letter of Intent”, “Lease Language”, “Franchisor Rights Agreement” and “Site Approval Package” documents, specific to your brand. 
  • Creation of a custom “white label” website landing page that tells the brand’s story and acts as a portal and clearinghouse for the overall real estate process. 
  • Real-time reporting of all real estate related activity to the franchisor. 
  • Ongoing marketing of the brand to the real estate broker / landlord community to solicit new and upcoming sites meeting the brand’s site criteria. 
  • Single point of contact for the franchisor to understand status of franchisee real estate activities. 
  • Physical site tours of prospective locations with franchisee and/or franchisor as standard part of approval process.

Our Brand Ambassador Program provides an all-encompassing transparent and streamlined real estate solution, allowing both franchisor and franchisees to concentrate on day-to-day operations of the core business, knowing the real estate side is in good hands. 

There is no cost to the Franchisor or Franchisee for our services. We get paid when deals get done so our goals are aligned. By leveraging our service and experience we will increase efficiency, ensure quality control, promote the brand, and get new locations up and running quickly.

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Our Brand Ambassador Program provides an all-encompassing transparent and streamlined real estate solution, allowing both franchisor and franchisees to concentrate on day-to-day operations of the core business, knowing the real estate side is in good hands. 

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