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At Capital Rivers, your achievements in commercial real estate reflect our dedication. We ensure you’re not just making transactions, but are empowered with up-to-date resources essential for informed decisions. Every step, from strategy to finalizing a deal, is geared towards advancing your business position in the market. With our comprehensive commercial real estate resources, you’re always one step ahead.
Aerial photograph of a small town's retail landscape, showcasing the potential identified by Capital Rivers Connect. Our expertise in commercial real estate data analytics, development, brokerage, and asset management drives strategic connections, empowering cities and municipalities to recruit impactful retail.

Capital Rivers Connect

At Capital Rivers Connect, our main goal is to help cities and municipalities recruit retail to their area by providing them with comprehensive and strategic guidance. We leverage our experience in commercial real estate data analytics, development, brokerage, and asset management to strategically connect the right companies and people to generate impactful results for communities.

An expert designer meticulously drafting the architectural layout for a new franchise restaurant. This image emphasizes the convergence of commercial real estate strategy with the ambitious vision of culinary entrepreneurship, illustrating the depth of planning and foresight needed to launch a successful dining franchise in today's competitive market.

Brand Ambassador Program

We developed the Brand Ambassador Program when the franchisors asked us to help make their real estate process more streamlined and efficient. They realized real estate was a critical component to their success, but it was not their area of expertise. In essence, they were asking us to develop a “system”, just as they developed the system that led them to becoming a successful, franchisable brand.

A dedicated local retail shopkeeper hands over a paper bag filled with goods to a satisfied customer. This interaction highlights the essence of community commerce, emphasizing the importance of supporting small businesses and the unique personal touch they bring to the commercial real estate landscape in their community.

Commercial Space Readiness Guide

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), a membership based organization for industry advancement in commercial real estate, created the “Setting Up Shop” a commercial space readiness guidebook. This resource is a great starting point for any business owners deciding on whether a brick-and-mortar space is a right for you. The resource dives into multiple steps to creating a thorough business plan.

Cityscape of commercial properties symbolizing the proactive measures taken by Capital Rivers Commercial through their Landlord Action Plan to navigate the impacts of COVID-19 on the real estate sector.

Tenant & Landlord Guides

We want to give our clients the tools and the confidence to make real estate decisions to the best of their ability. Some aspects of our lives don’t take time off, and if you lease real estate your obligations won’t take a hiatus. If you calmly, wisely make the best of this difficult time, you can come out of it confident that you accomplished all that you could.

Captivating image of Sacramento's storefronts, highlighting the spaces awaiting potential occupants. The 'Vacancy Assessment Guide' by Capital Rivers is designed to navigate businesses through the opportunities within Sacramento's commercial real estate, helping them identify and capitalize on prime locations in the city's dynamic landscape.


Every project we work on is crafted with a unique recipe to fill your vacancies and meet your specific goals. Our team of specialized experts has a genuine passion for helping our clients succeed with unwavering care and commitment. The key is mixing the ingredients correctly and following the proper steps to fill your vacancies.

Two proud restaurant owners in Sacramento, holding up a meticulously crafted sandwich, a symbol of their culinary expertise. The image emphasizes the importance of securing the right commercial real estate location, a journey guided by Capital Rivers to ensure restaurateurs find the perfect backdrop for their gastronomic ventures.

Looking for a perfect restaurant location?

Do you have a food truck or restaurant concept and want to put down roots? Are you a franchise looking for your next big expansion? At Capital Rivers, we use our whole-team approach, leveraged with our market knowledge, to find what you're looking for. Whatever your goal is, we tailor our recipe for you!

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