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Commercial Real Estate COVID-19 Resources

Staying proactive in a time of uncertainty

Addressing just this one piece of your business in a time of crisis such as COVID-19 is a difficult task.  But the lease obligation is a big piece for just about any business and it absolutely warrants careful attention.  

Capital Rivers is committing to creating a space where we can answer your questions, provide resources, help review lease agreements, and provide support through this disruption. We know that the community we love will come back stronger and closer on the other side and we’re here to help us navigate through. If you are in a place where you need or want the advice of experienced industry professionals who are dedicated to the best outcome for you and your business we are here for you.

In the face of unprecedented challenges such as those posed by COVID-19, it is imperative to remember that while the lease obligation is a substantial part of your business, it is also a variable that can be managed with the right guidance and strategy. We are here to shed light on the complexities of your lease obligations, offering clarity and support as we tread through these turbulent times together. We are fully aware that the path to recovery may be steep, but with our collaborative efforts, expertise, and the resilience that defines our community, we can pave the way to a prosperous rebound.

Vacant office space symbolizing the potential for customization and optimization, underscored by the insights from the Tenant's Survival Guide by Capital Rivers Commercial, emphasizing their proficiency in assisting clients with commercial real estate decisions and transitions.

Tenant's Survival Guide

Learn how to deal with your leasing obligations wisely as you navigate COVID-19. Download our “Tenant’s Survival Guide.”

Cityscape of commercial properties symbolizing the proactive measures taken by Capital Rivers Commercial through their Landlord Action Plan to navigate the impacts of COVID-19 on the real estate sector.

Landlord Survival Plan

Resources to help commercial landlords work with their tenants to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Download the “Landlord Reaction Plan.”

Restaurant staff wearing protective masks, highlighting the measures and resources provided by Capital Rivers Commercial to support commercial establishments during the COVID-19 pandemic

Additional COVID-19 Resources

In this ever-expanding time, we are gathering a lot of additional resources for your benefit. View the additional resources to learn more.

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