Sourdough & Co.

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The Challenge.

Sourdough & Co., a California based premium sandwich brand is experiencing rapid growth and tremendous interest from prospective franchisees’ who want to help propel that growth even further with new store openings. With this growth, the leadership team for Sourdough & Co. is mindful that they need to keep pace with the demand for sites for their restaurants and the overall organization of their real estate needs. As a solution, they turned to their trusted advisers at Capital Rivers Commercial (CRC).

The Solution.

Working with the leadership at Sourdough & Co., our team listened to the needs of leadership and developed a comprehensive plan forward. With a deep understanding of what makes an “awesome” Sourdough & Co. location, our team at Capital Rivers created and implemented proper systems and communication channels to assist Sourdough & Co. and its franchisees. The CRC Franchise Rollout Plan, allows Sourdough & Co. to find the best locations for their restaurants and assists the franchisee throughout the entire site selection and lease negotiation process.

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The Result.

Today, as an integrated member of the Sourdough & Co. team, Capital Rivers manages their pipeline of real estate opportunities, continues to develop relationships with industry partners who may have the next top locations, and coordinates the communication between franchisees and their leadership team.

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