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Sourdough & Co.

Fueling Growth: Partnering with Sourdough & Co.

The success story of Sourdough & Co., a beloved California premium sandwich brand, is painted with the brushstrokes of rapid expansion and a burgeoning network of eager franchisees. But with growth comes challenges—specifically, meeting the burgeoning demand for restaurant sites and effectively managing their real estate portfolio. Understanding the intricacies of this situation, Sourdough & Co.’s leadership sought guidance and expertise. They turned to their trusted partners at Capital Rivers Commercial (CRC), known for their prowess in navigating the commercial real estate landscape. Together, the partnership promises to harmoniously blend Sourdough & Co.’s culinary aspirations with strategic real estate solutions.

Sourdough & Co., rooted in California, has firmly established itself as a premium sandwich brand. As they navigate the bustling landscape of the food industry:

  • The brand is witnessing an exhilarating pace of growth, further fueled by a surge of prospective franchisees eager to be part of this success story through new store openings.
  • However, with expansion comes challenges. The leadership team at Sourdough & Co. recognizes the urgency to not only find optimal sites for their burgeoning chain of restaurants but also to streamline and manage their overarching real estate requirements.
  • Identifying the need for expertise, they turned to a name synonymous with excellence in commercial real estate – their trusted advisers at Capital Rivers Commercial (CRC). With CRC’s guidance, Sourdough & Co. is well-positioned to tackle their expansion challenges head-on.

Together, the collaboration between Sourdough & Co. and Capital Rivers Commercial exemplifies a strategic partnership poised for success.

The leadership at Sourdough & Co. had a clear vision for their brand’s growth, and our dedicated team at Capital Rivers was keen to make that vision a reality:

  • Prioritizing a collaborative approach, we engaged deeply with the Sourdough & Co. leadership, absorbing their needs and aspirations. From this, we crafted a comprehensive strategy, aiming to foster efficient and sustainable expansion.
  • Our seasoned experts, having a profound understanding of what constitutes an “awesome” location for Sourdough & Co., designed and put into action systems and communication channels tailored specifically for the brand. This infrastructure ensures that both the parent brand and its franchisees operate with optimal information and guidance.
  • As a testament to our commitment and expertise, we introduced the CRC Franchise Rollout Plan. This robust strategy not only empowers Sourdough & Co. to pinpoint the best restaurant locations but also provides holistic support to franchisees – from initial site selection right through to the final lease negotiation stages.

With these measures in place, we are steadfast in ensuring that Sourdough & Co.’s growth journey is both strategic and seamless.

Today, our bond with Sourdough & Co. has evolved into a partnership of true integration. As a testament to this strong alliance:

  • Capital Rivers stands at the forefront of managing Sourdough & Co.’s pipeline of promising real estate opportunities. Our team delves deep into the market to ensure that the brand always has access to prime locations poised for success.
  • Our proactive approach extends beyond just real estate scouting. We continuously nurture and develop relationships with industry partners, always on the lookout for those who might possess the next standout locations for Sourdough & Co.
  • Facilitating seamless communication is at the core of a successful franchise operation. Recognizing this, we have established robust coordination channels that bridge the communication between Sourdough & Co.’s leadership team and their franchisees, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and informed.

As integrated members of the Sourdough & Co. team, Capital Rivers is committed to championing the brand’s growth and success at every step.

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