The $12 Trillion Time Bomb: Free Money, Low Rates, and the Ingredients for Inflation.

Would you like a bucket of ice cold water dumped over your head? Then don’t download this episode… Capital Rivers Commercial President Greg Aguirre invites Sacramento’s leading economist Dr. Sanjay Varshney to a no holds barred conversation about what’s REALLY going on in the local, state and national economy. Consider this a 30 minute reality check.

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As the U.S. emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, is the economy also creeping back towards normal? Although signs of a recovery abound in the stock market and in the real estate market, experts are still uncertain.

“Not everybody is a big winner in the stock market,” says Sanjay Varshney, Ph.D., founder of Goldstone Wealth Management and founder and chief economist at the Sacramento Business Review, in this podcast. “Many companies have been hurt pretty badly. But the ones that were able to adapt and take advantage of the digital transformation of the economy are huge winners — and right now, the markets are fairly volatile.”

Listen as Varshney takes a deep dive into the state of the markets today with Greg Aguirre, president of Capital Rivers, and learn more about these issues.

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