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Taylor Builders Tabs Capital Rivers Commercial for Retail Development in Housing Projects

Land development company Taylor Builders LLC has chosen Sacramento-based Capital Rivers Commercial to lead the retail side of its projects. Capital Rivers Commercial, under the leadership of CEO Greg Aguirre, will handle the marketing and development of retail centers in various projects, including those in Roseville, Sacramento, and Dixon. Aguirre emphasized the shared values and innovative approaches of both companies, expressing excitement about collaborating on these development projects.

Three key projects include a 9.4-acre retail center in Roseville’s Fiddyment Ranch, a 7.6-acre site in Sacramento’s Stone Beetland project, and over 23 acres for highway and community commercial development in Dixon. Capital Rivers is marketing these sites for potential users like grocery stores, restaurants, and healthcare providers. The partnership allows Taylor Builders to concentrate on residential, leveraging Capital Rivers’ expertise in retail projects to meet their growth objectives.

In summary, the collaboration between Taylor Builders and Capital Rivers Commercial marks a significant step in enhancing retail development across multiple sites. This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies, ensuring innovative and efficient commercial projects that meet community needs.

For more details, read the complete article published in the Sacramento Business Journal.

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