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Podcast: Riding the Wave: Inland Surfing Brings the Ocean to the Burbs


Topgolf proved that a driving range can be much more- a gamified experience, with food & fun for the entire family. Chris Gallardo CEO and his team are riding the next wave: Inland Surfing, bringing the ocean to us. In this episode, Capital Rivers CEO Greg Aguirre calls on Chris to share his story and tell us why this experience is the next big thing in entertainment activity.

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Two CEO’s with very similar stories. Chris and Greg touch on having very similar backgrounds which led them to have parallel views on how to run their business. They crossed paths for a reason, and making this podcast is one of them. Listen as they share insight, advice, and humorous stories about running their businesses.

In this engaging conversation, Chris and Greg delve into the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship. They discuss the importance of innovation in business and how staying ahead of market trends has been crucial to their success. This episode is not just about their journey, but also about inspiring others who are looking to start or grow their own businesses. Tune in to hear how these two industry leaders turned their visions into reality, and learn from their experiences to apply to your own business endeavors.

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