Part 4: Rex Hime, Prop 15 Impact Assessment.

In this four part podcast series, Capital Rivers Commercial explores and dissects Proposition 15.

Listen as Rex Hime, President of the California Business Properties Association, provides his “no holds barred” view of Proposition 15.

Hime, together with Capital Rivers’ own in-house expert, General Counsel Scott Toussaint, is interviewed about Prop 15 by Brian Bushlach of the Sacramento Business Journal.

Stay up to date with Capital Rivers by hearing experts speak on Proposition 15. Stay informed on this critical ballot measure by hearing the open, candid thoughts of experts who have done the research.

“This ballot measure, should it pass, will be just dastardly bad for California’s economy,” says Hime. Listen as Hime and Toussaint discuss: 

  • An overview of the campaign against Prop 15 and the potential issues surrounding it.
  • Possible outcomes that may arise if Prop 15 passes. 
  • Why the California Assessors’ Association opposes the measure.
  • Predictions on whether Prop 15 will pass. 

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