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Podcast Part 2: Will Swaim, Proposition 15 Impact Assessment

Unpacking Proposition 15: A Four-Part Podcast Series by Capital Rivers Commercial

Capital Rivers Commercial presents a detailed four-part podcast series focused on dissecting Proposition 15. This series features insightful discussions that delve into the nuances and implications of this significant California ballot measure.

Perspectives from Policy Expert Will Swaim

Gain valuable insights with Will Swaim, President of the California Public Policy Center. Swaim offers an expert perspective on the policy’s underlying aspects, contributing to a comprehensive understanding.

In-Depth Interviews with Industry Experts

Join Scott Toussaint, General Counsel at Capital Rivers, and Will Swaim in an engaging interview conducted by Brian Bushlach of the Sacramento Business Journal. Their conversation sheds light on various facets of Proposition 15, providing listeners with well-rounded viewpoints from industry professionals.

Staying Informed with Capital Rivers

Capital Rivers ensures you stay informed through this enlightening podcast series. Hear the open and candid discussions from experts who have extensively researched and analyzed this critical ballot measure.

Exploring the Complexities

This podcast series is not just an overview of Proposition 15; it offers an exploration into its historical background, legislative phase-in details, and potential impacts. Discussions include how mixed-use properties might be taxed and the exemptions within Proposition 15, along with qualifications for these exemptions.

Exploring the Complexities and Broader Implications

Listeners can expect a thorough examination of the legislation, including its effects on mixed-use properties, specific exemptions, and qualifications for these exemptions. The series goes beyond

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