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Podcast: Landmines of Leasing: Part 3 – Contingencies


The Impact of Lease Contingencies in Commercial Real Estate

Lease contingencies can significantly disrupt commercial real estate transactions. Discover how Scott Toussaint, General Counsel at Capital Rivers Commercial, adeptly handled these challenges. In a pivotal moment, he saved a $150,000 deposit and secured a deal on a shopping center by accurately counting business days. This task may seem simple, but the intricacies, such as California’s unique holiday recognitions, add layers of complexity.

Crucial Conversations in Commercial Real Estate: Legal Nuances and Deal-Making

This episode, concluding a three-part series, features an essential conversation between Scott Toussaint and commercial real estate attorney Shawn Dhillon. It’s a must-listen for anyone in the commercial real estate industry, offering deep insights into the nuances of lease contingencies. Their discussion highlights the critical importance of understanding state-specific legalities in commercial real estate transactions.

Expert Insights on Navigating Lease Contingencies in Commercial Real Estate

Listen to Scott and Shawn as they delve into the specifics of subleasing and other impactful topics in commercial real estate leases. Their expertise illuminates the complex nature of lease agreements and the potential challenges professionals face in this field. This in-depth discussion is especially valuable for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of lease contingencies in commercial real estate.

Lease Contingencies: A Critical Focus for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

The dialogue between Scott and Shawn offers invaluable knowledge for real estate professionals, particularly in the commercial sector. Grasping the intricacies of lease contingencies is vital for anyone involved in commercial real estate transactions. This episode isn’t just about technical learning; it also showcases the strategic thinking required to navigate these challenges effectively.

Essential Knowledge for Enthusiasts and Professionals in Commercial Real Estate

This episode is a highly recommended listen for both newcomers and veterans in the commercial real estate industry. It provides a thorough examination of lease contingencies, underscoring the need for detailed legal understanding and strategic acumen in securing successful commercial real estate deals. Scott and Shawn’s discussion acts as a comprehensive educational resource for those eager to excel in the complexities of commercial real estate leases.

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