Landmines of Leasing: Part 1 – Force Majeure.

Commercial real estate brokerage and development can take a ton of capital, connections, timing, troubleshooting, and sometimes a lot of luck. You can help make your own luck by having good legal counsel on your side, as we do here at CRC with Scott Toussaint riding shotgun on all of our transactions. In the opener of this three part series “Landmines of Leasing”, Scott welcomes fellow attorney and strategic partner Shawn Dhillon to break down the impact of COVID on contracts and cover a clause that wasn’t well known until the pandemic hit.

Listen as Scott and Shawn go into detail on force majeure and impactful topics on commercial real estate leases. He states, “I think maybe we’ll get more and more clarity, over the next 12 months because maybe people worked out things today, maybe the wheels of justice haven’t fully turned yet in deciding case law regarding the pandemic. I think eventually we’ll probably see some relatively clear case law on this issue. I think one thing people that are listening that might be tenants that are behind the eight ball due to the pandemic, there are some common law theories that could be useful”

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