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Podcast: Landmines of Leasing: Part 1 – Force Majeure


Force Majeure: A Key Element in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

The world of commercial real estate brokerage and development requires not just capital and connections, but also astute legal guidance. At Capital Rivers Commercial (CRC), Scott Toussaint provides indispensable legal support, ensuring all transactions are handled with expertise. In the first part of the series “Landmines of Leasing,” Scott is joined by attorney and strategic partner Shawn Dhillon. They delve into the impacts of COVID-19 on contracts, specifically focusing on the force majeure clause, a term that gained prominence during the pandemic.

Understanding the Implications of Force Majeure in Leases

In this informative session, Scott and Shawn explore the intricacies of force majeure and its significance in commercial real estate leases. Their discussion is timely, reflecting on the recent challenges posed by the pandemic. They examine how force majeure clauses have influenced legal decisions and contract negotiations, providing essential insights for those involved in commercial real estate.

The Evolving Landscape of Force Majeure in Law and Real Estate

Scott Toussaint shares his thoughts on the future clarity expected in case law regarding force majeure, especially in the context of the pandemic. This forward-looking perspective is crucial for understanding how current legal ambiguities might resolve, impacting tenants and landlords alike. Their conversation is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to navigate the legal complexities introduced by COVID-19 in commercial real estate leases.

Legal Strategies for Tenants Affected by the Pandemic

For tenants struggling in the wake of the pandemic, understanding force majeure and related common law theories is essential. Scott and Shawn’s discussion not only sheds light on these legal aspects but also offers practical advice for those “behind the eight ball.” Their expertise is especially beneficial for tenants seeking to understand their rights and options in the current commercial real estate landscape.

Comprehensive Insights for Real Estate Professionals

This episode is a must-listen for professionals in the commercial real estate sector. It provides an in-depth analysis of force majeure and its impact on leases during unprecedented times. Scott and Shawn’s insights offer clarity and guidance on navigating the post-pandemic real estate environment, making it a valuable resource for landlords, tenants, and legal practitioners alike.

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