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Podcast: How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate: Stop and Listen to this Podcast!


There is no textbook for a career in commercial real estate. You sink, or you swim, and there’s no such thing as treading water. Want a paycheck? Then hustle, connect, figure things out and after a few deals go sideways, if you’re smart you’ll figure it out.  One option to accelerate your success is to stop, listen, and take notes from a veteran. In this episode Capital Rivers President Greg Aguirre calls on one of the legends of leasing, Fred Reynolds, Director of Redevelopment at Phillips Edison & Company.

Listen as Greg and Fred give valuable advice in the CRE industry and how to succeed. Fred says “it could take you 100 no’s to get that one yes” meaning you have to be ready to persevere in a career like commercial real estate. They go on to tell stories and talk about what it takes to really be successful in this industry. Give this and all of our other episodes a listen!

In the dynamic world of commercial real estate, resilience and adaptability are key. Greg and Fred delve into the nuances of navigating the CRE market, emphasizing the importance of understanding market trends, client needs, and the ever-evolving landscape of commercial properties. They discuss the art of negotiation, the significance of building lasting relationships, and the importance of staying informed about local and global economic factors that influence the industry.

As veterans in the field, they share their insights on how to identify and seize opportunities in commercial real estate, whether it’s redeveloping existing properties or exploring new ventures. Their conversation is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone aspiring to make their mark in the competitive and rewarding world of commercial real estate.

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