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Gain some insight into the minds of our CEO Greg Aguirre, and Jon Crosby who is a business and technology consultant for Launch Consulting in Roseville, California. Crosby leverages his 20+ years in technology to help real estate investors and other businesses streamline their operations through technology integration and automations.

Many businesses have been forced to rethink their approach to technology in 2020. For some, it was necessary to adapt to new solutions in order to scale, pivot or reduce operating expenses. Others simply needed a way to keep the business running in a remote work environment.

Greg Aguirre, president and CEO of Capital Rivers, says the commercial real estate industry may have previously been a bit behind the curve compared to other sectors when it came to implementing new technologies. That’s changing, he says in this podcast conversation with Jon Crosby, director of client solutions at Launch Consulting Group, a business and technology consulting firm in Roseville, California.

See how Capital Rivers uses technology to transform commercial brokerage

Crosby agrees that investing in new technology solutions in the real estate industry is an imperative. “Technology allows us to get in front of our customers faster and more efficiently, so anyone that’s not adopting [it] is actually going to be starting at a deficiency in the race for that same pool of clients and customers.”

In this podcast, Crosby joins Aguirre to dig deeper into the future of technology in commercial real estate. Listen in to learn more about:

  • Technologies that can be implemented to enhance the business automation process in commercial real estate brokerages.
  • Common challenges businesses face when trying to integrate technology solutions.
  • Marketing-specific tech tools that are sparking a lot of excitement in CRE.
  • The importance of understanding search engine optimization and setting appropriate strategies.
  • Predictions for 2021 technology trends.

Capital Rivers is constantly innovating and streamlining the commercial real estate process. To learn more about this and future updates from Capital Rivers Commercial,

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