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Podcast: Axe Throwing > Axe Grinding: How to Partner on Projects During Unpredictable Times


Question: When is throwing an axe better for business than grinding one? Answer: When you partner with Capital Rivers! In this episode, President Greg Aguirre welcomes Tilton Pacific Construction President & CEO Gregg Hall to discuss the construction industries’ pricing fluctuations in materials costs and how to manage expectations during this inflationary period. In this candid conversation, you’ll learn why relationships are more important than ever. Plus, a preview of their upcoming axe throwing outing.

Listen as Greg and Gregg talk about risks and rewards in todays market. Greg states, “there are going to be challenges in this business, it is inevitable. It’s just how you handle these challenges that will determine your outcome”. They go on to explain the importance of relationships of everyone that you work with on a deal and an insight into the construction industry.

Additionally, this episode delves into the unique dynamics of the construction industry amidst the current economic climate. Greg and Gregg discuss the necessity of adapting to rapidly changing material costs and how this impacts project planning and execution. They highlight the need for open communication and flexibility between clients, contractors, and suppliers to navigate these challenges effectively. The conversation also touches on strategic decision-making in resource allocation and budgeting to mitigate the effects of inflation. By sharing their experiences and strategies, Greg and Gregg aim to provide listeners with valuable insights on maintaining project viability and profitability during uncertain times. This in-depth discussion is a must-listen for professionals in the construction industry looking to understand and adapt to the evolving market conditions.

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