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Podcast: Drive Thru Dilemmas: A Lot to Get a Latte!


The Challenges of Commercial Real Estate Development

Embarking on a new commercial real estate project with major national clients sounds promising. Yet, when entanglements like cell phone tower leases and existing tenants arise, the task becomes daunting. Add an unexpected twist just before closing, and the complexity intensifies. This episode features Greg Aguirre, President of Capital Rivers, sharing the intricate behind-the-scenes of such development projects.

Greg Aguirre: A Problem-Solver in Development

Curious about how Greg Aguirre and his team can assist in your commercial real estate ventures? In this episode, Greg divulges details of his approach to commercial real estate development, including some of his earliest deals. His innovative methods, like partnering with a cell tower developer, exemplify his ability to find creative solutions to challenging situations.

Innovative Strategies in Development

Greg’s journey in commercial real estate development is marked by his unique problem-solving strategies. Faced with the challenge of occupied buildings slated for demolition, he demonstrates his adeptness at navigating complex scenarios. Greg’s approach often involves thinking outside the box to overcome obstacles and successfully deliver for his clients.

Creative Solutions in Real Estate

This episode is a deep dive into the world of commercial real estate development as seen through the eyes of an expert. Greg Aguirre shares his experiences and the inventive tactics he employed in various projects. His insights are particularly valuable for those seeking novel approaches to overcoming development hurdles.

Lessons from a Veteran

Listening to Greg Aguirre’s experiences offers a wealth of knowledge for anyone involved in commercial real estate. His strategies and stories provide a unique perspective on the industry, highlighting the importance of creativity and adaptability in development projects. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, Greg’s experiences are both educational and inspiring.

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