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Podcast: Commercial Real Estate Market Update: Sacramento in “Prime” Position Thanks to Amazon and E-Commerce


In spite of the pandemic, most sectors of commercial real estate are on tilt, especially in the Sacramento-area. Now the question is how sustainable is this boom? As stimulus fades, inflation takes hold and if, or when, interest rates rise, what’s the forecast for our region? In this episode, Capital Rivers President Greg Aguirre answers the tough questions and offers his outlook on the construction industry market as we wind up summer and head into the fall season.

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In this market update Greg takes a look at the Sacramento economy and the overall economy. He mentions thriving markets such as e-commerce and Amazon taking over the area. He states “As we all know, Amazon is expanding and thriving. They are expanding their warehouse here in Sacramento to over 855,000 square feet”. These warehouse and storage spaces are filling up fast and we don’t see that slowing down any time soon.

Furthermore, Greg delves into the construction industry’s robust response to these market demands. He highlights how the construction sector has adapted to the challenges brought by the pandemic, showcasing resilience and innovation. With an increased demand for commercial spaces, particularly warehouses and e-commerce facilities, the construction industry in Sacramento and beyond has seen a surge in activity. Greg points out that this surge is not only a testament to the industry’s capacity to meet rising demands but also an indicator of potential growth and investment opportunities. He discusses the implications of this trend for the future of the construction industry, emphasizing the need for strategic planning and sustainable practices to ensure continued growth and resilience in the face of economic fluctuations.

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