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Podcast: Banning Together – Communication and Transparency Speed Development Opportunities

Welcome to Capital Rivers Connect – California Edition

In the latest episode of “Banning Together,” Greg Aguirre, CEO of Capital Rivers, meets with Marisol Lopez, the Economic Development Manager of Banning. They delve into how the city’s focus on transparency and communication is opening doors to exciting California development opportunities.

Banning’s Historical Legacy: Foundation for Future Development

Banning, California, has a storied past rooted in economic development, tracing back to the gold rush era. Initially a stagecoach hub for routes to thriving gold boomtowns, Banning’s growth accelerated with the railroad’s arrival. Its incorporation in 1913 pays homage to Phineas Banning, a stagecoach line mogul and the “Father of the Port of Los Angeles.” The city’s economic landscape further evolved with the construction of the Metropolitan Water District’s aqueduct system in the 1930s and 1940s, spurring commerce and growth.

Banning’s Resurgence: A Hotspot for New Residents

Banning is currently witnessing an economic revival, attracting a wave of new residents. Despite previous setbacks due to economic downturns, the city is bustling with activity, showcasing 12,000 permitted homes, including two master-planned communities. These new housing developments are drawing people from coastal regions, lured by affordable housing options and modern amenities. The Atwell project, launched in 2018, marked the beginning of this residential boom, opening avenues for retail and other commercial activities in Banning.

A Significant Achievement in Banning’s Economic History

A pivotal moment in Banning’s journey towards economic prosperity is the acquisition of a million-square-foot warehouse. This development, supported by the Economic Development Manager, is nearing operational readiness, symbolizing a major stride in industrial growth. Additionally, Banning is committed to nurturing local businesses. Initiatives like ‘shop local’ campaigns and market nights are revitalizing the downtown area, strengthening the city’s economic backbone, and enhancing the community’s vibrancy.

Conclusion: Banning’s Future in California Development Opportunities

Join us as we explore the transformation of Banning, a city reborn from its rich historical legacy into a beacon of California development opportunities. With its expanding residential communities and commercial ventures, Banning stands as a testament to economic resilience and growth potential.

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