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Podcast Part 3: Rachel Michelin, Prop 15 Impact Assessment

Examining Proposition 15: A Tax Increase Debate in California

In a comprehensive four-part podcast series, Capital Rivers Commercial delves into Proposition 15, a significant topic for California’s retail business community. The series features Rachel Michelin, President of the California Retailers Association, and Scott Toussaint, General Counsel at Capital Rivers. They join Brian Bushlach of the Sacramento Business Journal for an in-depth analysis of this critical ballot measure.

Its Impact on California Retailers

Rachel Michelin speaks candidly about the potential effects of Proposition 15 on the retail sector in California. This tax increase, as proposed, could have far-reaching implications for businesses and consumers alike. Michelin, along with Scott Toussaint, offers expert insights into the proposition’s complexities and consequences.

A Critical Analysis by Industry Experts

Stay informed about Proposition 15 by listening to these experts. Michelin and Toussaint bring their research and knowledge to the forefront, discussing the largest proposed tax increase in California’s history. Their analysis covers various aspects, including tax liabilities on leased commercial property and the perceived exemptions for small businesses.

Understanding the Legal and Consumer Impact of Proposition 15

This podcast series is not just about the tax increase; it also addresses other legal obligations placed on California retailers. Additionally, it explores the potential impact of Proposition 15 on consumers, providing a holistic view of the measure’s repercussions.

Who Bears the Burden of Increased Taxes?

Gain insights into the often-misunderstood aspects of Proposition 15, such as who actually pays taxes on leased commercial property. Michelin and Toussaint unravel these complexities, offering clarity on a subject that affects a broad range of stakeholders in the California retail industry.

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