Hanley EVP Jeff Lefko’s Forecast on Cap Rate Compression.

When even veteran commercial real estate investors and brokers admit they have no idea what to expect in this market, it’s time to call on one of our expert strategic partners for perspective. In this episode, Capital Rivers Commercial President Greg Aguirre invites Hanley Investment Group Executive VP Jeff Lefko to share what he’s seeing, and hearing while brokering transactions across the country.

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Like many places in the U.S., the commercial real estate landscape in California is experiencing a major boost in the demand paired with a serious lack of supply. The trends are impacting investor sentiment and behavior.

“People feel like the stock market’s inflated,” says Jeff Lefko, executive vice president of Hanley Investment Group, in this podcast. “They want to go buy something more tangible. There’s just not a lot of good options for people who need four, five, or six percent return right now. So there’s an extremely high demand in the market for a net lease product.”

Lefko discusses in this podcast the current state of cap rates and the net lease market in commercial real estate with Greg Aguirre, president of Capital Rivers.

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