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Podcast: Tackling Affordable Housing with Joshua Palmer of Thompson Dorfman


Tackling affordable housing is a critical issue, especially in California, where the crisis has reached alarming levels. The partnership between public and private sectors is essential in addressing this challenge, as the traditional approaches are no longer effective. To gain deeper insights into this pressing issue, Capital Rivers CEO Greg Aguirre engages with expert Josh Palmer, known for his expertise in navigating California’s complex regulatory landscape.

Understanding the Affordable Housing Crisis in California

In their in-depth discussion, Aguirre and Palmer focus on the challenges and solutions in tackling affordable housing in California. They explore the prolonged process of developing affordable housing projects and how this delay exacerbates the state’s housing crisis. The conversation brings to light the intricate issues, including zoning laws, funding hurdles, and the need for community engagement in these projects.

Strategies for Tackling Affordable Housing

Aguirre and Palmer delve into potential strategies for tackling affordable housing, emphasizing the need for innovative public-private partnerships. They discuss the importance of aligning the interests of various stakeholders, such as local governments, developers, and community members. This alignment is crucial in creating an environment conducive to the rapid development of affordable housing.

The Role of Technology and Sustainable Practices

Another key aspect of their discussion is the role of technology and sustainable practices in tackling affordable housing. They talk about how modern construction techniques, like modular building, can help in reducing costs and expediting project timelines. This approach not only makes affordable housing more accessible but also ensures environmental sustainability.

Setting Realistic Goals in Affordable Housing

Throughout their discussion, Aguirre and Palmer stress the importance of setting realistic, achievable goals in tackling affordable housing. They advocate for a proactive approach that balances urgency with practicality, ensuring that initiatives are ambitious yet attainable.


For anyone interested in understanding and tackling the affordable housing crisis in California, the conversation between Greg Aguirre and Josh Palmer is enlightening. It provides expert insights, practical strategies, and a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities in the affordable housing sector.

As we continue to tackle affordable housing, it’s clear that innovative strategies and collaborations are vital. Aguirre and Palmer’s dialogue serves as a guiding light for those seeking to make a meaningful impact in this sector.

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