Part 1: Larry Stone, Prop 15 Impact Assessment

In this four part podcast series, Capital Rivers Commercial explores and dissects Proposition 15.

Some insights from Stone and Toussaint to help everyone understand what this Proposition means.
“All commercial and industrial properties must be reassessed to market value every three years” – Larry Stone.

Listen to longtime Santa Clara County Assessor Larry Stone provide his perspective on Proposition 15. Stone, alongside Capital Rivers’ own in-house expert, General Counsel Scott Toussaint, is interviewed by Brian Bushlach of the Sacramento Business Journal.

Few, if any, Californians have Larry Stone’s front-row perspective on California Proposition 15, Tax on Commercial and Industrial Properties for Education and Local Government Funding Initiative (2020). This podcast gives you the opportunity to do just that. Hear candid thoughts from the 25-year veteran Assessor, including a historical account of Prop 13, the 1978 property tax initiative, and how Stone feels the proposed ballot measure would “look” if it becomes a reality. 

With the election fast approaching, stay up to date with Capital Rivers on the latest issues surrounding this ballot measure.

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Listen as Stone and Toussaint provide valuable insight and perspective regarding this timely issue of upmost importance to the commercial real estate industry.

Capital Rivers is your number one source for proposition 15 and all other things commercial real estate. To learn more about this and future updates from Capital Rivers Commercial,

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