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First Class Regional Winery Coming to Downtown Redding

New Clairvaux Winery is coming to Market Center in Downtown Redding to become the 2nd tenant providing “Retail at the Whistle”

Haedrich & Co., Inc. is proud to announce today the completion of negotiations for another tenant in the Market Center building at 1551 Market Street in Downtown Redding, CA. Regional winery, New Clairvaux Vineyard, will be opening a tasting room in suite A at the northeastern corner on the first floor.

Northern California Location

“We’ve been interested in bringing our tasting experience to the Redding area for a long time,” stated John Adams, the New Clairvaux representative in charge of the project, “and our wine club has had impressive growth from Redding based customers, so we thought we better bring our wines to the community.” New Clairvaux had considered locations all over Northern California for their tasting room and decided downtown Redding was the best place for them with all the new construction, impressive growth, and overall excitement.

K2 Market Street Development

Partners and brothers Allen and Daniel Knott of K2 Market Street Development, LLC, the building owner, could not agree more and are enthused with the new tenant. “When New Clairvaux first approached us about a tasting room in the building we couldn’t have been more pleased and honored,” Allen Knott mentioned when asked about the tasting room, “New Clairvaux represents the high-quality regional artisans we want in this building and we are actively looking for more.” Haedrich & Co., who completed the deal on behalf of K2 Market Street Development, LLC, stated New Clairvaux will be occupying approximately 1,500 square feet in Suite A at the northeastern corner and the target timeframe for a grand opening is late spring.

New Clairvaux Vineyard

New Clairvaux Vineyard is a unique winery destination. With one of the world’s most distinguished winemaking histories, the land now serves as home to Trappist-Cistercian monks. This Roman Catholic order’s rich viticultural history dates back nearly a thousand years. Together in partnership with fifth-generation California winemaker Aimée Sunseri and her family, they strive to revitalize their remarkable vineyard.


For additional information regarding New Clairvaux in Redding, please direct all inquiries to John Adams at (530) 604-9469 or

For additional information regarding Market Center and available space for lease, please direct all inquiries to Chris Haedrich with Haedrich & Co. at (530) 226-1160 or

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