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Downtown Collection Developers Announce Their Next Big Project in Redding

Predicted to be the best outdoor seating in Downtown Redding, the new renovation project at 1320 Yuba Street could have a 5,000+ SF patio shaded the entire day.

The Downtown Collection Developers Eric Hiatt and Luke Miner are at it again!  Haedrich & Co., Inc. announced today the local developers acquired the building at 1320 Yuba Street in Downtown Redding, and much like their prior successes at 1525 Pine, 1557 Pine, 1401 Market and 2040 Waldon, the young developers are planning a full renovation.

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to purchase properties in Downtown Redding” said Mr. Miner while speaking about the purchase, “when this building became available, we couldn’t resist investing further in our community.”   Having completed the successful remodel across the street at 1557 Pine Street, the partners already knew the benefits of this central location, the real question was how to create a project that would motivate the existing tenants to stay, and that the community would love.   “We always hope our projects help create a unique experience downtown that no one can get anywhere other than Redding,” stated Eric Hiatt, the co-developer with Mr. Miner, “but I’m not going to lie, it can be scary investing this much into a building, it’s a real leap of faith.  We only hope the community will appreciate the improvements and the current tenants will take the leap with us, we’d love to see them stay; but we also recognize that can mean additional investment of their own and might not work for each of them.   We’re confident the new 5,000 square foot outdoor patio will be a big draw for the current tenants, but they have to be confident too.”

The plans for the project are conceptual and may be adjusted, but the current plan includes replacing the 3-lane drive-thru along the northern side of the building with a large outdoor patio area that can accommodate outdoor seating, fire pits, cornhole, etc.  Approximately three roll-up doors would then be added to the building to allow for the outdoor and indoor spaces to be easily connected.  “It wasn’t until we started working on the plans that we realized this outdoor seating area will likely be the best outdoor space downtown,” mentioned Chris Haedrich with Haedrich & Co. Commercial Real Estate, the broker working on the project, “being on the north side, the outdoor patio will be shaded by the building for most of the day, then shaded by the neighboring Market Center building in the afternoon and evening, not to mention the covered portion for the wet season.”

Haedrich & Co. is about to start marketing the first-floor spaces and will be looking for any food, beverage or retail tenants needing tall ceilings, roll-up doors, outdoor seating/play areas and with an interest in being right in the center of it all.  There is approximately 8,000 square feet available on the first floor, which can be split into custom sizes, and will be starting at approximately $2.15/sf triple net.

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