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About Capital Rivers Commercial Brokers

Creating a great experience as your commercial broker is what Capital Rivers is all about.

Here at Capital Rivers we are dedicated to our core values helping make our real estate transactions and your brokerage experience more successful. We’ll approach your project with loyalty, forward thinking, hard work, and passion. These are the values that drive everything we, as¬†commercial brokers do. When you contact Capital Rivers, expect a response.¬†

Property Management

Capital Rivers understands that every property is unique requiring a comprehensive and creative strategy to optimize performance.

Commercial Brokerage

We know commercial real estate on a national level and Sacramento commercial real estate at a personal level.

Commercial Development

We have unique ideas and broad experience in the industry to implement your project and navigate it smoothly.

Our Team of Commercial Real Estate Experts

Headshot of Greg Aguirre, CEO of Capital Rivers Commercial. He is pictured in a well-lit office setting in Sacramento.

Greg Aguirre

Chief Executive Officer
916.514.5225 x101

Headshot of Carissa Guess, Executive VP of Operations. She is captured in a professional office setting in Sacramento. Carissa's demeanor emanates competence and authority, reflecting her pivotal role in overseeing operations.

Carissa Guess

Executive VP of Operations
916.514.5225 x104

Headshot of Ryan Orn, Vice President of Brokerage. Positioned in a polished office backdrop in Sacramento, Ryan's composed expression exudes expertise and dedication, symbolizing his significant role in directing brokerage activities

Ryan Orn

Vice President of Brokerage
916.514.5225 x105

Headshot of Scott Toussaint, General Counsel. Taken in a professional office environment in Sacramento, Scott's poised expression radiates assurance and legal acumen, highlighting his pivotal role as the chief legal advisor

Scott Toussaint

General Counsel
916.514.5225 x103

Headshot of Rebecca Story, Director of Property Management. Set against an elegant office backdrop in Sacramento, Rebecca's confident and attentive expression emphasizes her critical role in overseeing and ensuring the optimal management of properties under the company's portfolio

Rebecca Story

Director of Property Management
916.514.5225 x117

Headshot of Chris Bucklin, VP of Acquisitions & Development. Photographed in a sophisticated office setting in Sacramento, Chris's focused demeanor reflects his expertise in identifying and fostering strategic growth opportunities for the company

Chris Bucklin

VP of Acquisitions & Development
916.514.5225 x102

Headshot of Steve Beck, Creative Director at Capital Rivers Commercial Real Estate. Photographed in a vibrant and modern office environment in Sacramento, Steve's expression is both thoughtful and imaginative, capturing the essence of his role in driving creative visions and initiatives for the company

Steve Beck

Creative Director
916.514.5225 x118

Headshot of John Hynes, Director of Development. Captured in a contemporary office environment in Sacramento, John's discerning gaze mirrors his adeptness in overseeing and advancing the company's development initiatives

John Hynes

Director of Development
916.514.5225 x109

Headshot of Edgar Montanez, Senior Account. Shot in a professional office ambiance in Sacramento, Edgar's steady and assured expression underscores his extensive experience and capability in managing major accounts for the company

Edgar Montanez

Senior Accountant

Headshot of Amanda Wise, Brokerage Coordinator specializing in commercial real estate. Taken in a professional office setting in Sacramento, Amanda's determined and alert expression showcases her dedication and expertise in coordinating and facilitating commercial real estate transactions for the company

Amanda Wise

Brokerage Coordinator
916.514.5225 x122

Headshot of AJ Herlitz, Director of Sales & Leasing in California, with a specialization in commercial real estate. Set against a sophisticated office backdrop in Sacramento, AJ's confident and poised expression underscores his pivotal role in steering sales and leasing activities across California's dynamic commercial real estate landscape

AJ Herlitz

Director of Sales & Leasing
916.514.5225 x113

Headshot of Ian Keane, Director of Sales & Leasing for commercial real estate, based in Sacramento, California. Captured against a refined office background, Ian's assured and purposeful expression reflects his profound expertise in guiding sales and leasing endeavors within the bustling commercial real estate market of Sacramento and throughout California

Ian Keane

Director of Sales & Leasing
916.514.5225 x119

Headshot of Victor-Manuel Saldana, Director of Sales & Leasing in the commercial real estate sector, based in Sacramento, California. Photographed against a polished office backdrop, Victor-Manuel's resolute and focused expression epitomizes his leadership and deep understanding of the commercial real estate dynamics within Sacramento and the broader California region

Victor-Manuel Saldana

Director of Sales & Leasing
916.514.5225 x116

Headshot of Danny Arroyo, Director of Sales & Leasing in the commercial real estate sector, proudly serving Sacramento, California. Set against a professional office setting, Danny's determined and confident expression showcases his command over the intricate dynamics of commercial real estate in both Sacramento and the wider California region

Danny Arroyo

Director of Investment Sales
916.514.5225 x115

Headshot of Irina Shpyrka, Director of Sales & Leasing specializing in commercial real estate, prominently based in Sacramento, California. Set against a sophisticated office backdrop, Irina's poised and assertive expression reflects her adeptness in navigating the commercial real estate market of Sacramento and the broader California landscape

Irina Shpyrka

Director of Sales & Leasing

Headshot of Juan Garcia, Director of Sales & Leasing at Capital Rivers Commercial, with expertise in the commercial real estate sector of Sacramento, CA. Pictured against a sleek office environment, Juan's confident and knowledgeable expression highlights his significant role in driving sales and leasing strategies for the vibrant commercial real estate market in Sacramento and the encompassing areas

Juan Garcia

Director of Sales & Leasing
916.514.5225 x123

Headshot of Zack Hayes, Director of Sales & Leasing at Capital Rivers Commercial, a key player in the commercial real estate landscape of Sacramento, CA. Framed against a modern office backdrop, Zack's composed and assured expression stands testament to his expertise and leadership in shaping sales and leasing strategies within Sacramento's bustling commercial real estate market

Zack Hayes

Director of Sales & Leasing
916.514.5225 x124

Krystal Quick

Property Manager
916.514.5225 x120


Chief Canine Officer


Our team members have decades of combined experience in Commercial Real Estate. Want to add your ideas to our expertise?

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