March 2020

Top 5 hidden issues facing California retail leasing in 2020.

If you’re a retailer – unless you’re among the rare breed of owner-operators or web-based retailers – your real estate lease agreement is critical. Beyond the “look” and location provided by your leased premises, a favorable lease agreement can form an important foundation for your business.

And perhaps more so, a poor lease agreement can lead to unexpected consequences that can cripple your business. In other words, it’s worth the time and effort necessary to negotiate a favorable deal with your landlord-to-be before putting ink to paper – or perhaps, nowadays, electronic signature to portable document file.

Leasing and subleasing in commercial real estate. Be careful with contingencies in a real estate deal.

Filling Commercial Vacancies in 2020 – 3 Ways To Be Smart, Current and Local.

If you’re a Sacramento-area commercial property owner and want to fill a vacancy, or better yet, prevent one before it happens, you had better stay with the times in 2020. While “Vacancy” may be a dirty word for commercial property owners, it’s important to tackle the idea head-on. The word itself connotes stress and struggles in the quest to find the right users for your idle property. After all, a good return on investment requires a return.

Consider the following ideas for filling vacancies from the experts at Capital Rivers Commercial.

Filling Commercial Vacancies in 2020 – Be Smart, Current and Local

National Review’s “Radio Free California”.

The San Diego assemblywoman behind AB5 now wants the state Department of Industrial Relations to train porn stars. Seven local officials have sued the state over a 2018 ban on speech that might encourage workers to think about leaving their unions. Hoping to solve homelessness, Governor Gavin Newsom just made it worse. Bonus track: Will …

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