Lessons from the commercial lending sector and a look ahead .

There is no doubt 2020 has been and will likely continue to be a wild ride with the coronavirus pandemic, stay-at-home orders and a highly divided presidential race. The question is, how will all of this impact commercial lending in 2021? “To be honest, during these challenging times, I think there comes a lot of opportunity,” said Jen Matulich, senior vice president of business development at Five Star Bank, in this podcast.

Listen as Matulich dives into discussing the future of commercial lending after a tough year in a conversation with Greg Aguirre, president and CEO of Capital Rivers. This episode features insights on:

  • Commercial lending trends in 2020.
  • How lenders may behave in 2021 in terms of loan standards, particularly for sectors that were hardest hit during Covid-19.
  • Shifts in the Bay Area economy and regional commercial real estate trends.
  • New commercial lending technologies that help to boost business opportunities.

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