Drive Thru Dilemmas: A Lot to Get a Latte!.

So you have two major, national clients who’d like to open new locations on a prime piece of real estate? Sounds great, except the current property is entangled in cell phone tower leases, and existing tenants… Then another curveball comes your way just prior to closing! Finally, you’re ready for demolition, but authorities find a building is still “occupied”. It’s just another day in development! In this episode Capital Rivers President Greg Aguirre shares behind-the-scenes stories of what it took to deliver for these major retailers.

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Listen as Greg goes into detail of commercial real estate development and some of the first deals he’s ever worked on. He says, “I actually took a different approach, I found a cell tower developer out of Lodi to create a partnership with them to use their land for free”. This is just one instance of many where Greg has used creative solutions to get development projects done.

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