Capital Rivers' Closing Time Podcast.

Commercial Real Estate can be complex and confusing. Join Capital Rivers’ President & CEO Greg Aguirre as he hosts the Closing Time Podcast that focuses on the latest market trends and spotlights industry experts throughout the CRE landscape. Each episode contains powerful information that may help you save time and money, minimize risk, and negotiate a deal that best suits your specific needs when looking for commercial property.

Chris Gallardo CEO of Inland Surfing sits down with CEO Greg Aguirre in a very insightful interview about commercial real estate tips.

The most professional,
detail oriented firm.

"Capital Rivers is one of the most professional, detail oriented firms I’ve ever had the pleasure to do environmental work for. They are always doing their due diligence and looking out for their clients best interest. They are extremely personable creating an easy, stress free working relationship and I would recommend them to anyone with high regard." 

Mason McKellips

CEO of A&M Environmental Services