Staying Proactive In A Time Of Uncertainty

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Review The Landlord Reaction Plan.

As a landlord, the economic struggles of your tenants quickly become your own struggles. The property owner is but one step removed from the businesses to whom they lease. Capital Rivers has developed a reaction plan to aid landlords facing hardship in the current situation. 

This guide will walk you through how to take stock of your situation, devise a strategy, and execute it. Careful restructuring of obligations can even result in coming out stronger on the other side of the crisis.

Download the Landlord Reaction Plan

Complete below to get the plan or discuss your lease options, assess your impact, or simply ask a burning question. Contact our team today.

Partnering With SME Logistics!

We’re honored to work with partners supporting the men and women who are steadfastly providing healthcare to our neighbors and loved ones during these vulnerable times. SME Logistics is working quickly to adapt and deploy their facilities designed to aid first responders to support overflow treatment and ICU facilities and other COVID-19 relevant uses that are of interest to hospitals, first responders, and other organizations that are responding to the COVID-19 crisis. They’re working around the clock to bring these solutions to facilities in need. Want to share with a facility who may need support? Contact their team.